Through this professional certificate program in Project Management at the Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies, I completed the following core courses:

  • Project Management Fundamentals 

  • The Project Manager's Toolkit

  • Leading Project Teams 

  • Managing Projects in the Real World 


I completed this certificate program on July, 2016.

This comprehensive Program Syllabus was developed for a blended, 5-month fellowship with over 64 participants. The schedule includes all of the activities for the course including due dates for assignments, practice sessions, webinars, holidays and certificate delivery. 

I created this schedule as Program Coordinator on October, 2016.

This Project Management Report was submitted after a group collaboration for creating an Instructional Module Unit (IMU). The report includes an activity table with a breakdown of each team member’s contribution quantified in hours and a narrative description including tools, principles, challenges and strengths. 

This report was a collaboration with R. Rogers and J. Braddock for the EDUC 6405 Developing Multimedia Materials course, a required course in the Educational Technology and Leadership master’s program at George Washington University.