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IMPORTANT: Kindly note that many of the learning/instructional design materials I have produced over the years belong to my past and current employers and therefore cannot be showcased in this portfolio. Please contact me to learn more about my extensive experience developing learning materials in diverse formats. Other works and publications are displayed below.

Colorful Book Spines

This publication was a collaboration with K. Gull and L. Brancaccio-Taras while I coordinated the Science Teaching Fellows (STF) program at the American Society for Microbiology in Washington, DC. My role in this publication was to provide data for this study. 


The STF program consisted of a series of six webinars, including pre and post-webinar assignments. Additionally, fellows were part of a community of practice with mentors and peers.


As coordinator, I participated in developing the STF program for early career biologists and postdoctoral students. This online course explored student-centered teaching to develop the skills needed to succeed in positions with a significant teaching component.


In a survey used to assess the impact of the STF program, participants reported greater knowledge of the webinar-based instructional topics and a sense of being part of an educational community and were more confident about varied teaching methods. 

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Whether you are a looking to sell or to buy a product or service, knowing how to effectively negotiate terms and conditions before entering into a business agreement is a crucial skill for success. Mastering this step in the dealmaking process will unlock countless opportunities to create and claim value.


This learning path focuses on what needs to happens right before you enter into a business contract. It explores how to carefully communicate and align interests to ensure that all parties are pleased and satisfied after closing the deal.

I curated this learning path for the Catcat platform on March 2020.

Image by Natalie Pedigo

At the workplace, we need to collaborate with others to achieve results. Whether these interactions are internal, with our colleagues, or external, with clients or providers; knowing how to effectively create and claim value in negotiation is an essential workplace skill. Moreover, knowing how to promote win-win situations during negotiation will surely drive results for your team and organization.

This learning path will empower you to bring your negotiation skills to the next level and position yourself as a key player in your organization. It explores practical win-win negotiation strategies and how flexibility and resilience are crucial to overcome challenges and collaborate well with others.

I curated this learning path for the Catcat platform on November 2019.

Tropical Beach

With its majestic beaches and year-round tropical climate, the Dominican Republic is certainly a top tourist destination in the Caribbean.

However, the hot and humid tropical weather combined with limited access to clean water and sanitation services, constitute an ideal ecosystem for the spread of vector-borne diseases.


I wrote this research article for The Borgen Project Blog on February 2019.

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